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Must-Know Top 3 Resources



Sketchy Pharm & Micro

Anki Remote

1. Zanki (top resource)


This deck includes information from:

Optional add-ons to the original Zanki Phys and Path includes:

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Click here to download - Add-ons

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Reddit Post for Zanki With full Add-on - by bluegalaxies

Reddit for Zanki Original - by ZankiStep1

Original Reddit Post - by Anking

Anking Mastercard Link

YouTube Video Explainer - by Anking

2. Lightyear


If you feel like Zanki is too overwhelming for you, here’s the smaller thing to focus on. (Add more.) - Draft

This deck consists of data from:

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Original Reddit Post - by Infinity2k

Deck Overview for Reference

Other Lightyear Decks we can choose from

3. Sketchy Pharm and Micro


Sketchy Pharm and Micro are a critical part of studying for Step 1. So, here is a focused deck on just these 2 topics to make sure you know all of Pharm and Micro like the back of your hand.

Pharm Decks contains information from:

Micro Decks contains information from:

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Original Reddit Post - by watersaltvinegar

Sublink - by watersaltvinegar

Anki Remote

While these decks are important, if the activation energy to consistently get through the massive number of cards is TOO HIGH, then they are pointless. The Anki Remote will be the catalyst that you need :)

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