Your Anki Remote will be an important part of your medical journey. Let's optimize it for productivity, together.

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Mac Users

Connect Your Remote to Bluetooth

Download Magic Mapping Software

Top 3 Recommended Setups

🍎 The Minimalist

👑 AnKing Lover

🥗 All You Can Eat


Are you in the right mode?

The remote will not function properly if you are in the GAME mode instead of the KEY mode.

How can I check the mode?

Refer to the image to identify the mode bar.

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1. Connect Your Remote to Bluetooth (2).gif

  1. Power ON: Press the START button until the LED is on (about 3 seconds). Ensure you are pressing the button down fully (don’t worry it can handle it).
  2. To begin Pairing Mode, hold down the START button until you see the blue light flash 3 times. Then, you may release.
    1. If the light continues to flash every second, then that means you are in Pairing Mode.
    2. If the light does not continue to flash, then you may have accidentally turned off the remote. Please restart from Step 1 (no not USMLE, silly).
  3. You should be able to see the Anki Remote on your Bluetooth list, then choose “Anki Remote” and click to connect.
  4. If you right-click on “Anki Remote” and select Rename, then you can name it anything from “Yo it’s Anki Timeee” to “Grind Mode.” For this demonstration, we will name it Anki Remote though.
  5. If it does not connect to your Bluetooth, please restart the remote by pressing the START button until LED is off (about 5 seconds). When the constant blue light disappears, this means the Anki Remote has been successfully turned off. Then, revisit step 1.

Seamless Connecting Forever

Just like your Airpods 🎧, your Anki Remote will auto-sync to your Mac as soon as you turn on the remote from this point forward!